Encumbrance Certificate (E.C)

Encumbrance Certificate (E.C)

Search Andhra Pradesh Online EC: check out the EC online ap:

Steps to view AP Encumbrance Certificate online or encumbrance certificate AP: 

1. Go to the official website http://registration.ap.gov.in/ of encumbrance AP. 

2. Select Encumbrance Search (EC) from the right side services list.

Online EC

3. Then you will navigate to the Eencumbrance statement page http://registration.ap.gov.in/APCARDECClient/.

4. Click on the submit button.

5. You will navigate to the Registration and stamps Department govt of Andhra Pradesh http://registration.ap.gov.in/APCARDECClient/ecSearchByDocAuto.jsp?distcode=&distname=&srocode=&sroname=

6. Enter document number, year of registration number and SRO register code.

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What is the encumbrance certificate EC?
The encumbrance certificate is a mandatory document used in property transactions as evidence of free title/ownership. ... And encumbrance certificate (EC) ensures that there is complete ownership of the property without any monetary or legal liability.

How do I get an EC certificate?
How to obtain an encumbrance certificate? The certificate can be obtained from the sub-registrar's office where the property in reference is registered. To obtain an encumbrance certificate, one has to follow these procedures: An application is to be made to the registrar for obtaining the certificate in Form 22.

What is the statement of encumbrance on the property?
An encumbrance certificate acts as an assurance that the property to be purchased or sold, is free from any monetary or legal liability, such as a loan that has not been cleared, or a mortgage on the property. The certificate will contain all the transactions related to the property for the specified time period.

Why EC is required?
What is the significance of an Encumbrance Certificate? An EC is needed to know the past property transactions while buying a property. It further states that the property is free from all the liabilities. Through an EC a buyer can ensure that the property has a free title and is free from all the dues.

Can we get EC online?
Your application for EC will be sent to the concerned authorities and will be digitally signed. You can track the status of your EC application online (select 'online EC application' option under 'Service type' from the list) and can download the signed & Certified copy of EC once it is available online.

How long does it take to get EC?
If you apply for an EC in person at a Sub-Registrar's Office, you will get the certificate within 15 to 30 days. However, if you apply for an EC online, you will get it faster. Online applications usually take 2 to 3 working days to be processed.

What is ex and Cl in EC?
People call it as EC in Hyderabad. This is in regard to that certificate, which shows to whom the property belonged earlier and now to whom does it belong. This property is a Gifted Property. The terms Executant (EX) and Claimants (CL) are used when it is a Sale Deed.

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