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మీయొక్క భూమి వివరాలు , సర్వే నెంబర్ తో సహా తెలుసుకోవాలని ఉందా ?
రెవెన్యూ డిపార్ట్మెంట్ లో భూ వివాదాలలో అధికారులు లంచాలు తీసుకోవడానికి కారణం , ప్రజలకు భూ చట్టాల పై అవగాహనా లేకపోవడం ముఖ్య కారణం.
అందుకే మన వంతుగా మన భూ వివరాలు, సర్వ్ నెంబర్ తో సహా తెలుసు కోవడానికి మనకు ఒక వెబ్ సైటు వుంది.
దానిలో జిల్లా , మండలం, గ్రామం, సర్వ్ నెంబర్ ను ఎంట్రీ చేసి వివరాలు ఎవరైనా తెలుసు కోవచ్చు .

To See Andhra Pahani of all District you can see here by clicking the below link. You can see the pahani of all survey numbers by selecting the district, village, and survey number you can know on who's name is there in the pahani.


పట్టాదారుని పహాణి/అడంగలువివరాలు. CLICK HERE FOR PAHANI
                  1-B నమూనా (ROR) వివరాలు: CLICK HERE FOR 1-B

What is 1b Adangal?
Meebhoomi is the official website to check AP Land Records i.e. Adangal (Pahani), ROR 1B reports, Village Map (Bhunaksha) and FMB in Andhra Pradesh state. You can also download the Mee Bhoomi app (Adangal App) in your mobile to access your AP Adangal and ROR 1B reports based on Survey number and Khasra Number.

What is Adangal?
Adangal is a type of land record that is maintained by the Village Administrate Officer. Adangal is also known as Village account No.2. and is written each year by the Village Administrate Officer. The documents contain the following details: Patta lands.

What is Adangal in Andhra Pradesh?
Pahani or Adangal – Andhra Pradesh. Adangal also is known as Pahani, is an important Revenue record that has particulars relating to lands such as the owners' details, area assessment, water rate, soil type, nature of possession of the land, liabilities, tenancy, crops grown, etc.

How can I check my land record in AP?

Land Records

To check for the Land records, follow the below-given steps:
Step 1: Click on this link to view the Official Website.
Step 2: Then click on the Adangal option in the main menu bar.
Step 3: If you won't know the personal Adangal or village details click on Adangal or Village Adangal option.

What is full form ROR?
Return on revenue is a measure of company profitability that is calculated by dividing net income by revenue. ... ROR also has an impact on a firm's earnings per share (EPS), and analysts use ROR to make investment decisions.

What is Adangal or pahani?
Adangal/Pahani is a very important Revenue record as it contains details of land such as owner details/ area assessment/ water rate /soil type/ nature of possession of the Land/ Liabilities/ Tenancy and Crops grown etc. The same is provided using this service.

What is Patta called in English?

Meaning of Patta:
A Patta is a legal document issued by the Government in the name of the actual owner of a particular plot of land. It can also be issued for lands having buildings or individual houses etc. constructed on them.

What is computerized Adangal?
Adangal is a very important revenue record, as it contains details of land such as owner's details, area, assessment, water rate, soil type, nature of possession of the Land, Liabilities, Tenancy, and Crops grown, etc. This service is used to get the Adangal copy.

What is pahani certificate?
Khasra Pahani is a legal agricultural document used in India that specifies and keeps records of land and crop details. ... Users can get the certified copy of khasra pahani using this service.

What is pahani document?
Pahani document is one of the most important revenue records for agricultural lands maintained by the revenue department. Pahani is a revenue record that contains all the details of the land.

What is khasra number?
The Khasra number is nothing but a plot number given to a specific piece of land in the village.

What is the survey number?
Survey number is a unique number for a particular land that has information like the size of the land, location, ownership and other such information attached to it.

What is RSR in land records?
RSR stands for Resurvey Settlement Register (field survey for land records).

What is pahani Telangana?
'Pahani ' is a record of rights to the agricultural land in Telangana. It is maintained in the Mandal Revenue Officer.

What is Web land?
A Khata is essentially a revenue document, detailing the assessment of a property, recording details about the property such as size, location, built-up area and so on for the purpose of payment of property tax. Step 1: Download UID Seeding Android Application (V2.0).The link is available in the home page of Webland.

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